What is Taco Fest?

When? Where?

Taco Fest is a free independent music festival designed to showcase local bands and companies in the South Louisiana area.

Taco Fest was first started in 2010 as a small scale music event. Beginning in 2011 it became an annual event and showcased over 15 bands that year. Taco Fest III in 2012 featured over 17 bands and an attendance of more than 400 spectators. The fourth Taco Fest will be in September 2013.

When: September 21, 2013.

Where: Taco Fest has been held annually for the past three years at KFC Taco Bell located at 1228 St. Charles street in Houma, LA.


A FREE independent music festival

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 Taco Fest IV: The Colonel's Revenge

For over three years, Taco Fest has pleased the almighty Taco. However, waiting just beyond the shadows of the event was an immense, envious being who has been brewing a plan to enact revenge upon us. Colonel Sanders, longing for attention, is planning to attempt to sabotage Taco Fest IV. Come out on September 21st to KFC Taco Bell and fight for taco justice.... or are you just chicken?

(The fictional preface to our event, enjoy!)